Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ninety-nine luft...Oops, I mean nineteen (and twenty).

Oh, wiki, you're so fine. I have lots of experience with wikis. I set up the one we're using as a 23 Things sandbox. I added content to every favorites page and set most of those pages up as well.

I also selected many of the wikis that are part of the explore tour. I realize now that we didn't point people to WikiBooks, which is an open-content textbook collection that can be edited by anyone. Interesting project. You should check out their cookbook

There are so many ideas floating around my head as to how wikis could be used to move the library forward. Ultimately, I'd really like to emulate projects like the ArborWiki which is a community-driven resource covering all aspects of life in Ann Arbor. I could definitely see the library serving a central role in the development and curation of such a resource for Louisville.

No shortage of ideas about how to use wikis internally as well. I've already seen a few projects come together using a wiki, including 23 Things. The ability to work collaboratively, edit easily and keep revision history of your documents make wikis a great format for the type of planning work that so many of us have to do.

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