Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Subscribe to my balloons

I've been an RSS junkie since 2002. I've had as many as four hundred feeds in my Google Reader. I have that many now, but half of them are your 23 Things blogs. I can't possibly imagine how we'd track 180+ blogs without the magic of RSS. And I know I wouldn't track very many of the other 200 feeds without it.

I think RSS is pretty much a critical tool of my lifelong learning toolkit and of my environmental scanning efforts within the profession. It's rare that I don't know relatively early about a major news event in libraryland. It used to be that my RSS reader was the first place I'd read about it. Now, that often happens via Twitter or Friendfeed or even Facebook. But the RSS reader is where I go to see what people who can actually write have to say about the news of the day. I still check my reader daily more than eight years later.

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