Friday, April 1, 2011

Popping balloons

OK, kids, this is it. My final thoughts on 23 Things.

It's been far more than I imagined. My favorite discovery has been the unexpected enthusiasm and the number of "a-ha" moments that have been reported by staff. I was particularly excited to see everybody overcome their fears of blogging and go so far as to be willing to participate in the blog list. Great stuff.

I was also really excited about the enthusiasm for RSS, which I've been using for so long, I forget how unfamiliar it is to many. I've seen a number of tech pundits dismiss RSS as dead technology. I know now they are wrong.

And I've learned a number of tips and tricks from the participants, so it's continued to be a learning experience for me. I am indeed more confident with these tools than when I started, which I wasn't expecting.

I'm not going to tip my hand as far as future endeavors and other things we could cover. But trust that I have a few ideas in mind.

Speaking of tipping, I want to give a special tip of the hat to the 23 Things subcommittee of TAG. Jody, Seth and Susan, this would not have been possible without your tireless efforts over the past few months. I can't possible express enough appreciation for your time, energy and positive attitudes.

Mostly, I'm just proud and pleased as punch that we pulled it off and that so many people went along for the ride. Some of you even did it enthusiastically. The entire journey has been rewarding for me in numerous ways. I hope many of you feel the same.

And with that...

balloon pop